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Colorado Mountain Ski Trip

Price $2500 $1750 5-3 Days
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Colorado Mountain Ski Trip

$2500 $1750 per person

What To Expect

This ski/snowboard trip was designed and planned out so it would be the most economical yet the most comfortable and “luxurious” as possible. We understand that taking a trip like this usually breaks the bank. However, Satsang Backpackers’ main goal is to make travel safe, easy and affordable. Due to the nature of how we travel in groups, this gives everyone the means to afford a trip that they may not have been able to afford normally by if they were to travel solo.

Whether you are joining our 6-days/65nights trip or 3-day weekend trip we’ll spend most of our days on lopes! Skiing and Snowboarding is considered an extreme sport however even first timers are welcome on this trip- no prior experience is required. You are welcome to take some ski/snowboard classes while visiting or you can follow along with our group. Our trip Backpacker guide does offer a complimentary coaching class for snowboarding or skiing if needed to help you get started. We do however recommend that you be generally physically in shape for this trip, otherwise you may find yourself unable to do consecutive days on the slopes! You want to take advantage of all days on the slopes while you are here on your trip! Still, this is your vacation, so if you want to skip a day to relax in the hot-tub, do some in-house yoga or explore the town, you are also welcome to that. Check-out our trip’s itinerary to see what we have planned on a daily basis. Note it is subject to change.

All Satsang Backpacker Trips Include the following:

  • Airport-pickup/Drop-Off
  • Room Accommodations (Double-Occupancy)- (see details below)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Dinner)- (see details below)
  • Ground Transportation (see details below)
  • Backpacker Trip Guides (see details below)
  • Destinations – (see details below)
  • Activities – (see details below)
  • Digital Nomad Workshops

Activities Included:

  • Ski/Snowboard Days
  • Ski/Snowboard Rentals & Ski Lift
  • Snow Tubing
  • Ascension Meditation Class (1st Sphere)
  • Digital Nomad Workshop
  • Post-Ski Recovery Yoga Class
  • Beginner’s Ski/Snowboarding Coaching

Our Trip’s Destination(s)


In 2014, Colorado might have been the first state to allow recreational sales of marijuana, but it’s since been joined by many others. Still, the opportunity to buy weed always makes this state a little more fun to visit, even if shopping and, more important, using these marijuana products come with a whole set of guidelines. To keep you out of trouble and clear up any confusion while traveling around Colorado, here are the important state laws and rules to know.

Where to buy it

Anyone 21 and over with a valid ID (state-issued ID, a valid passport or Native American or military ID) can shop at a recreational dispensary. Some medical dispensaries will only serve state-registered medical marijuana patients, so check before going in.

Most of Colorado’s largest towns — Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Pueblo — allow recreational marijuana sales, but not all of them do.

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park is the closest major ski resort near Denver at just 67 miles away. With easy access to 765,000 acres of public land, Winter Park is home to endless adventures and an unparalleled and unfiltered Colorado experience.

With over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, Winter Park Resort offers an unforgettable experience for any kind of adventurer, whether you’re just here to take in the views, or looking to really get your adrenaline pumping.


We will be staying in a large mountain lodge a short distance away from the Winter Park Ski resort. Everyone will share a room but will have their own bed unless they are a couple that booked their trip together. The house has a large dinning space for everyone to eat together, and it also has a hot-tub so you can relax after an intense day on the slopes.


All your meals are included in your trip price. This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which will all be served at our accommodations. Breakfast & lunch will be self served and Dinner will be a prepared meal in which all backpackers will have a designated night to participate with preparing dinner. We’ve designed the menu so it can accommodate to all dietary restrictions and or needs.

Ground Transportation

Airport pickup, drop-off  and transportation to Winter Park, and from our accommodations is included. You won’t have to worry about having to drive in snow and ice or getting around during your trip, as we have all ground transportation completely covered. Our drivers for this trip are experienced driver in all types of terrain.

Backpacker Trip Guides

You won’t be going on this trip by yourself or unguided. Satsang Backpacker trips will always have an experienced backpacker by your side there to show you way, whether you need help with navigating or not we are one helping hand away. Our guides help with all arrangements following our itinerary, making sure you get from point A to point B in an easy, stress-free, safe, comfortable and affordable manner. You’ll come to find your guides to be your teachers as well as your friends.

Digital Nomad Workshops

During this trip, we’ll have a workshop that will be about 1.5 hours long. This workshop is designed to be easy going, fun, yet also enriching and educational. We do however advise you to have some form note taking during your class.

This Digital Nomad Workshop is scheduled to be: Simplified Option Trading. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn with an experienced professional stock trader from Silver Green Stocks. You’ll get the know how in the US Stock Market- learning to trade Options in an easy simplified manner (no prior experience required). You’ll learn how to make good investments so you can grow your wealth. This workshop is designed to be mobile as long as you have access to wifi, and you can take this skill with you during your trip and even back home after your trip.

Note: Due to the educational nature of this trip, Colorado Mountain Ski Trip, is Tax Deductible. This code allows you to deduct this expenditure from your taxes for educational purposes: Treas. Reg 1.162-f(a)(1) & Treas. Reg 1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code.

We also ask all backpackers before the trip, to advise with us, as to which Stock Broker Application best suits you and your needs.


During the Trip you will…

  • Be guided by Experienced, Talented, Knowledgeable backpackers & guides
  • Feel at ease knowing your trip is all taken care of
  • Grow, expand and empower yourself along the journey
  • Have downtime for Guided Yoga, Meditation or personal time
  • Experience the adrenaline of skiing/snowboarding
  • Learn Simplified Option Trading
  • Stretch and feel your body through yoga
  • De-stress with our Meditation classes
  • Get a chance to take amazing awe-inspiring pictures and videos
  • Connect with like-minded individuals – making friends for life.
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Denver City
  • Dress Code
    Ski wear/ warm winter clothes, snow boots & gear
  • Included
    Airport Drop-off
    Destination Classes
    Digital Nomad Workshop
    Equipment Rentals
    Member's Flight Booking Assistance
    Members Trip Payment Plan Available
    Personal Guide
    This trip gives Members 1 Backpacker Travel Point equivalent to $50 USD
    This Trip is Tax Deductable
    Yoga/ Meditation
    Your purchase donates 10 meals to Feed the Hungry Program
  • Not Included
    Airport Pickup
    Yoga Mats
Day 1: Arrival to Denver
  The First day to your trip, you will be picked up at the airport. Make sure you coordinate your flight with our trip coordinator so  you land in our airport pickup window. Everyone should arrive in Denver city in the morning. We will make a pit stop in the City of Denver to visit some dispensaries, a few shops and/or grocery store for any last minute needs and grab lunch in the city, before heading up the mountains. Upon arriving  to our mountain lodge we'll have time to relax,unpack, and explore. We'll end the day with dinner and our 1st class of Meditation.  
Day 2 On the Slopes
In the morning, we'll have breakfast, prepared by assigned individuals, then have our boot fitting. We'll head to slopes and we'll spend most of the day skiing or snowboarding on the mountain and our trip coordinator will capture lots of the action via Gopro. By Lunch time we'll head back to the lodge, eat lunch, relax and have the option to head to the slopes or have some down time to relax in the hot-tub. By afternoon, if you re coming back from the slopes, we'll all convene together with some meditation and later  have dinner together.
Day 3 Snow Tubing
  In the morning, we'll have breakfast and head to slopes! We'll head to slopes and we'll spend most of the day skiing or snowboarding on the mountain. By Lunch time we'll head back to the lodge, eat lunch, relax. We'll do some easy post ski yoga.     Later we'll head over to the slopes again for some fun snow tubing. By afternoon, we'll convene together for an early dinner and come together for our 2nd meditation class.
Day 4 Last Ski Day
  In the morning, we'll have breakfast and head to slopes! We'll head to slopes and we'll spend most of the day skiing or snowboarding on the mountain. By Lunch time we'll head back to the lodge, eat lunch, relax. Later we'll head back to the slopes to enjoy our last ski day. By evening time, we'll come together for our 3rd Meditation Class. We'll have dinner then come together to finish off our class.
Day 5 Digital Nomad Workshop
  This will be our last day in the mountains. It will be a relaxing and easy going day. We'll have lots of time enjoy the snow, mountains, hot-tub and nightlife in the mountain town. We'll have a late start to our day, have the option to participate in some light yoga stretching. By evening we will start our Digital Nomad Workshop. Later we'll have our last dinner together and pack for our morning's departure!
Day 6 Departure
This will be a full travel day. We'll grab an early breakfast pack and clean up. and Travel down the mountain to Denver City to make our return flights on time. Everyone will be dropped off at the airport.

6-Day, 5-Night Trip:

Dates: December, 2021 (exact dates will be posted 6 months in advance of trip)
What’s Included:
  • 5 Night accommodations (Shared Room)
  • 6 days of Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • 4 Ski Days
  • 4 Day Ski Rentals & Ski Lift
  • 5-Day Ascension Meditation Class (1st Sphere)
  • 1 Days Digital Nomad Workshop
  • 2 Post-Ski Recovery Yoga Class
  • 6 Days ground transportation
  • Snow Tubing


Prices are subject to change Non-member Price: $2,500 USD Member Price: $1,750 USD

4-Day Weekend Trip:

What’s Included:
  • 3 Night accommodations (Shared Room)
  • 4 days of Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • 2-3 Ski Days
  • 2-3 Day Ski Rentals & Ski Lift
  • 2-Day Ascension Meditation Class (1st Sphere)
  • 1 Post-Ski Recovery Yoga Class
  • 4 Days ground transportation


Prices are subject to change Non-member Price: $2,350   Member Price $1,645