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Satsang Nomad Backpack & Travel Merchandise

As our community grows we want to make you feel more connected with us! By becoming an early member we’ll be saying thanks by sending out an Official Satsang Nomad Backpack as our gift to you. This backpack will be available by the year 2022. This bag is custom designed to fit most of our recommended travel items, in a stylish, comfortable and compact backpack. Our Satsang Nomad Backpack will also be available on our online store for purchase. You can purchase this backpack or any other travel merchandise for friends or family using your Member’s Travel Merchandise discount code which will give you 20% off all our high quality travel merchandise in our future online store. Early registered members like yourself will receive our backpack as a gift, later registered members who register after the year 2022 can purchase this same backpack on our website with a 20% member’s discount.