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Free Flight Eligibility

This is a limited time offer! Become a member before May 1st, 2021, we’ll cover the costs of your first flight for your first trip with us! This is a round-trip or a one-way flight depending on trip/city eligibility; baggage fees not included. Flight must be departing from select cities within the USA or Mexico and is only available for 2021 trips. Contact us to see what departing cities qualify for this promotion or if you have any questions about this promotion.

How To claim your FREE Flight.
  1. Contact us, confirm if your departing city is eligible
  2. Register as a Satsang Member (Membership paid in full)
  3. Book one of the qualifying Trips listed above (make sure you book within the 3-day window of confirming your city )
  4. You’re flight itinerary will be sent to your email


Check if your departing city qualifies:

Email: satsangbackpackers@gmail.com

Phone (text or call): 832-291-1127

Your departing city MAY qualify for a FREE Flight for the following trips:



LAST UPDATED: March 20, 2021

Free Flights for:
  1. ROUND-TRIP FLIGHT: Backpacker Beach Retreat of Mexico Trip
  2. ROUND-TRIP FLIGHT: Backpacker’s Mayan Jungle Retreat
  3. ROUND-TRIP FLIGHT:  Travel & Trade in Cancun
  4. ONE-WAY FLIGHT: Oaxaca Backpacker Exploration
  5. ONE-WAY FLIGHT: Chiapas Backpacker Trip
  6. ONE-WAY FLIGHT: Real de Catorce Expedition
  7. ONE-WAY FLIGHT: Colorado Mountain Ski Trip


DISCLAIMER: This list is valid for most cities but not all cities. Please confirm your city by contacting us via email or phone. This information is not official until you have confirmed your city by contacting us. When your city is confirmed as a qualifying city this information will be valid for no more than 3 days due to flight availability changes. Please note that trips and trip dates are subject to change or cancellation. In the event of a trip cancellation, your free flight will roll over to another eligible trip of your choice.