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Anyone can join a Satsang Backpacker Trip. You will find on our website all of our upcoming trips and their designated prices. However, as a Member you receive a 30% discount on unlimited trips throughout the year! All trips are all-inclusive, excluding your flight. Our various destination-oriented trips will display their varying prices depending on the destination, activities, and number of days for the trip. As a member, you get 30% off any and all unlimited number of trips that

In order for anyone to reserve their spot for an upcoming trip they are required to put down a 30%-40% deposit of the trip price. This tells us they are dedicated to attending so we can start making arrangements for the upcoming trip. If they cancel last minute, this deposit is non-refundable. However, Members gets special privileges when it comes to deposits! If a member needs to cancel last minute, then they can use this deposit as credit for another trip

Payment plans for trips are only offered to members and are custom designed to accommodate to your needs. A payment plan can be built for you as early as 12 months in advance of your trip or as late as 2 months in-advance of your trip. This time frame will determine what your monthly payments will be for your trip. The full payment for this trip would be completed at least 3 weeks in advance of your trip. We want

Satsang Backpackers offers two types of Chat Rooms for its members. Digital Nomad Workshop Chat Room This chat room is based on the Digital Nomad workshops offered on our trips. These chats are for members to discuss information they learned in their workshops, questions, and for educators to follow-up and share more information of the topic members learned on their trip. Upcoming Trip Group Chat Room This chat room is based on the upcoming trip you booked. Every member who booked their trip will

Our Visa and Flight booking assistance is a complimentary service that we offer members. This service does not directly make any flight purchases or visa payments on member’s behalf, but rather helps members get their visa's in order and find the best priced flights for their trip, and or coordinates their flight itinerary with other travelers on the same trip as you.

Satsang Backpackers will always offer a variety of different annual trips traveling to a variety of unique and bucket-list destinations for anyone to travel to. However, we save our hidden “secret” trips exclusively for member-only. This is because some of these destinations are not well known by most travelers or tourists. These destinations and unique locations are scouted out by locals or by our traveling scout team. While members will be invited to these Secret Trips, typically the group size

Our Cashless Trip Tab Management service is a new and unique service that we offer our Satsang Members during our trips. For the most part, our trips are all-inclusive, making the trips as cashless as possible. However, we understand that you may want to buy souvenirs, extra meals, snacks or whatever it is while you are traveling. Our Cashless Trip Tab is designed so that you can have a tab with us for your trip. You simply deposit your budget

As our community grows we want to make you feel more connected with us! By becoming an early member we'll be saying thanks by sending out an Official Satsang Nomad Backpack as our gift to you. This backpack will be available by the year 2022. This bag is custom designed to fit most of our recommended travel items, in a stylish, comfortable and compact backpack. Our Satsang Nomad Backpack will also be available on our online store for purchase. You