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Cashless Trip Tab

Our Cashless Trip Tab Management service is a new and unique service that we offer our Satsang Members during our trips. For the most part, our trips are all-inclusive, making the trips as cashless as possible. However, we understand that you may want to buy souvenirs, extra meals, snacks or whatever it is while you are traveling. Our Cashless Trip Tab is designed so that you can have a tab with us for your trip. You simply deposit your budget for the cash you want to spend on your trip, and your trip leaders will have cash available for you to spend according to your tab budget. This makes it easy and practical for you; NO excessive ATM fees, NO leftover foreign cash, NO lost money. You will be able to monitor your Cashless Tab and add to it at anytime during the duration of the trip. Remaining funds will be returned to you at the end of the trip in the currency of your choice. This is an optional service we provide to make your trip easy and effortless.