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About Satsang Backpackers

Making Travel Easy, Safe & Affordable!

Satsang Backpackers is a community of like-mined individuals who are seeking more from the world through travel. Satsang is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people, or to be in the company of true people. This is the foundation for our community that brings everyone together.

Our Focus

We are a membership-based community that focuses on making travel more accessible to every kind of traveler. We hope to bring together these like-minded individuals who explore the world seeking true fulfillment. By coming together, we share, connect and grow. The Satsang Backpacker community prioritizes the benefit of the traveler through their many traveling adventures. Naturally, the avid traveler seeks an awesome adventure in an unknown place in the world while at the same time attempting not to break the bank in the process, as well as walking the fine line of quality vs cost. Let us handle the logistics, and show you a time that will be considered present and ever-lasting. Just sit back and enjoy the show! We always travel in small groups so it will be easy to meet other travelers from around the globe and experience the connoisseur life of every country we visit.
Next, a thorough traveler takes advantage of all the destinations we have to offer; we engulf ourselves in all kinds of activities all revolving around the simple pleasures of life, such as:
Adventure, Culture, Gastronomy, Nature & Spirituality.

Travel Easy, Safe & Affordable

Travelers want less time stressing about who to travel with, what to do, when to go, where to go, or even how to get there — We want more time living in the present moment, enjoying life, and experiencing our surroundings to the fullest!
Your itinerary is taken care of every step of the way by Satsang Backpackers.
Traveling in a group setting is fun and makes traveling extra safe and affordable for everyone. Experienced travelers will be there to share their experiences, and lead the group. You won’t be getting lost, stuck in a tourist trap or even find yourself feeling unsafe because we are there for you every step of the way.
Making Travel Affordable Is Satsang Backpacker’s Greatest Focus
We want our travelers to experience a little bit of both sides of the travel experience — a bit of luxury and a bit of budget. It’s always enjoyable to be able to experience a little luxury in your travels, yet that seems to take a hit on most of our wallets. This is why here at Satsang Backpackers, we have changed the way a world trotter can experience the gourmet life while on a budget. Satsang Members are part of a membership which means you will be saving hundreds of dollars for EACH trip you attend. Meaning you could save thousands by traveling year-round. Better than paying rent, huh? 😉
Paying a small annual membership fee saves you money, time, and effort as well as supports a unique community of like-minded travelers like yourself to have the opportunity to travel in the manner that we do.

Travel, Share, Grow

Satsang Backpackers offers an exclusive service available within our community. This is our Digital Nomad Workshops.These workshops are offered in some of our annual trips and have one primary goal: Real World and Practical Education;
This effort is organized in part to monetize skills while traveling and while potential creating a life of freedom. The Digital Nomad Workshop vary on topics, but we’re teaching real-world skills to help you learn a new skill to help you make money, so you can travel more and work less. These workshops are fulfilling in the aspect of learning and practicality, but you can also add it as a side-hustle in your everyday work-flow.

Making a Difference & Giving Back

Furthermore Satsang Backpackers want to make travel accessible in every way possible. So we offer a variety of Payment Plans for both our trips and for our membership annual fee. The Satsang Backpackers has a goal to help support our community, motivate you to travel more and also help feed the hungry with our

Feed The Hungry Program;

By exploring our trip pages, you will notice that each trip has a number of meals that will be donated due to your purchase of the trip. By the end of the year we will take our annual trip to India which you are free to join, and help use these funds for the purchase of meals and feed the hungry.

Every trip throughout the year focuses on one or multiple destinations. These destinations will either be top rated must-see destinations or our members only hidden “secret” destinations. We save our hidden “secret” destinations exclusively for member-only trips. You can check out our upcoming destinations in our Annual Trip Calendar.

Half of the fun of a trip are the activities you do when traveling. Each unique destination has something new or different to offer. We focus in on taking advantage of all these things to do when visiting a new place. Our trip activities will be viewable in each and every trip itinerary and they vary into categories such as: Nature, Adventure, Culture, City, Beach and much more!

These workshops have to be one of the crown jewels for our backpacking trips. Our workshops are priceless in that they offer our travelers, during their trip, the opportunity to learn a new skill, profession, or hobby that can help them monetize online. Travel more and work less! Also our Digital Nomad Workshops make our trips Tax deductible! Ask us how!

We make travel Easy, Safe and Affordable. You’ll spend more time living in the moment and less time thinking about your next move. Group travel, is also a much safer way to travel! Lastly, our members find that they save more money every year the more they travel with us, than if they were to travel solo! Check out our 'Become a Member' page to see if our membership is right for you.


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Being a Satsang Backpacker gives you complete access to travel affordably, monetize your travels with our digital nomad workshops, explore and adventure through the world, and of course connect, share and grow with our awesome backpacker community.Click to learn more.